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Holistic Relief by design is a medical marijuana dispensary that takes deep pride in our quality of care, our knowledge about the medicine we provide, and the close relationships we build with our patients.
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Healing on demand.

Accessibility to medicine is just as important as the medicine itself, which is why our medicine is always just a phone call away.
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Education before Medication

We believe it’s our responsibility to dispel the misinformation and myths surrounding medical cannabis. So we’re always building a knowledge base and experience level that guides our patients to the right medicine at the right time.
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Holistic Remedies. Comprehensive Care.

We only offer products we’re 100% confident offer an optimal healing experience, based on our personal experience and exhaustive research.
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Growing Practices

Doing what’s right to grow what’s best.

We use veganic, ethical practices at every step in our growing process to make sure our cannabis is clean and consistent. After all, this is our medicine too.
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"I absolutely love the HRBD team. Very professional and always helping me find the right medicine! Thank you for all you do!"
Andrea Dugan
"Always helpful, professional, respectful, courteous. Been with them for years and years. They are all like family to me!"
Andrew Ludlam
So knowledgeable,& helpful! It is such a relief to get the help I need. The most caring ladies I have ever met. They always get me on exactly what I need for the symptoms I have. Truly a godsend.
Christy Davidson
Love the people! They care about their patients and go above and beyond to help.
Kelly Potter
The best gals around providing the finest quality medicine I've had in the 8 years of having my card.
Dan LaMere