Higher Education

Education before Medication

Guidance and Personalized Care

We strongly believe in guiding our patients to the products and strains that will work best for their individual needs. We are always building a knowledge base and experience level through continuing education and working alongside doctors and patients, guaranteeing our patients get the best medicine every time. 

The Plant

Get caught up to speed on the most important things to know about the cannabis plant in just a few minutes.

Types of Cannabis

- Mind Dominant
- Energetic
- Social
- Best for Day Use
A combination of Sativa and Indica
Body Dominant -
Relaxing -
Sedating -
Best for Night Use -

The Compounds


A psychoactive compound responsible for the high that users get and several other healing properties
- Analgesic
- Anti-Inflammatory
- Anti-Spasmodic
- Appetite Stimulant
- Bronchodilator
- Neuroprotector
- Anti-Emetic


A non-psychoactive compound resposible for several advanced healing properties.
- Analgesic
- Anti-Anxiety
- Anti-Cancer
- Anti-Convulsive
- Anti-Depressant
- Anti-Inflammatory
- Anti-Spasmodic
- Immunosuppressive
- Neuroprotective

The Law

Curious about the legality of using medical cannabis in the State of Montana? We’ve put together this quick cheat sheet to give you a heads up view of what you need to know.
must be 18
To apply for a cannabis card in Montana
1 Ounce/day
5 ounces/mo
Is the maximum allowed amount a patient can possess per day.
5oz per month
must have id & card
When purchasing cannabis at a dispensary or consuming cannabis.
annual renewal
Is necessary to maintain your status as a patient. You must renew with Dr. and state.
consuming in public
Is legal in the state of Montana as long as you have your card on you.

Covered Conditions

To obtain your cannabis card in Montana, you must first be approved by a medical doctor for treatment of one of these covered conditions:

- Chronic pain
- Cancer
- Cachexia or wasting syndrome
- Crohn's disease
- Glaucoma
- Nausea
- Seizures
- Severe or persistent muscle spasms