Sound Practices. No Shortcuts.

We only do what's good for you

Our growing approach encompasses a respect for human health, animals and the environment. Producing a medicine, that is not only clean and consistent, but sustainable.


We focus on the best way to produce healthy, consistent medicine working with nature instead of against it. Our grows are clean from floor to ceiling to prevent any cross-contamination.


Our plants spend their whole life cycle in clean, organic soil and are never sprayed with chemical pesticides. Soil Science is at the heart of our approach to mimicking what nature has perfected from the beginning of time. With regenerative farming methods, we are able to cultivate craft cannabis that is clean with a complexity of flavors. We have discovered nature knows best! If we want to preserve what is left of good farming soil it is necessary to implement techniques and practices that build and repair the soil. No-till is a process that utilizes natural systems and organic materials to create an easily sustainable environment to grow plants. With this technique, you won’t need any dangerous chemicals and it’s much more practical than many alternatives. Our soil is guaranteed to be organic, GMO free.


We've put in the time to figure out how to do this the right way ethically, scientifically, and legally because we're committed to the health of our patients and our community.